Bill to Ban Smoking in State Park Picnic Areas Sent to Governor

(Sacramento, CA) – Californians visiting state parks and beaches could expect smoke-free picnic areas thanks to a new bill that lawmakers sent to Governor Jerry Brown for a signature on Friday.

Assembly Bill 1097, authored by Assemblymember Marc Levine, D-Marin County, would prohibit smoking in designated picnic areas in state parks and beaches.

Los Angeles Times: California wildfires fuel a new push to ban smoking at state parks and beaches

Los Angeles Times

By Patrick McGreevy

After more than a decade of attempts to ban smoking at California beaches and parks, environmentalists have advanced new legislation to prevent lighting up in certain public places.

The proposals, approved Thursday by the Senate, now go to Gov. Jerry Brown, who vetoed three previous bills on the issue.

Supporters feel this year’s devastating wildfires have bolstered their argument and given their proposals new urgency.

Legislature Sends Bill Requiring Suicide Prevention Training for Mental Health Professionals to Governor’s Desk

(Sacramento, CA) – Just two months after the Centers for Disease Control announced suicide death rates have risen significantly since the late 1990s, and following the tragic losses of fashion designer Kate Spade and chef Anthony Bourdain, lawmakers sent Governor Jerry Brown Assembly Bill 1436 by Assemblymember Marc Levine that would require marriage and family therapists, educ

Bay Area News Group: Bill to protect California consumers from PG&E disaster-related rate hikes heads to governor

Bay Area News Group

By George Avalos

State legislation designed to curb efforts by PG&E and other utility behemoths to saddle consumers with costs triggered by a company’s negligence has been approved by the Legislature and sent to Gov. Jerry Brown.

Senate Bill 819, authored by state Sen. Jerry Hill, would prohibit utilities from passing costs that result from the company’s negligence along to ratepayers in the form of higher monthly gas and electricity bills.

‘Therapy Never Includes Sex’ Bill Sent to Governor

(Sacramento, CA) – Californians seeking mental health services would receive an updated version of a state-mandated brochure that identifies warnings signs of sexual misconduct by therapists, under a bill by Assemblymember Marc Levine that was approved Tuesday and sent to the governor.

A Veteran’s Combat Trauma Would be Factor in Sentencing Under Bill Sent to Governor

(Sacramento, CA) – Veterans who were convicted of a crime prior to 2015 could now have the opportunity to petition the court for a sentence reduction. If the original sentencing court did not consider service-related mental health problems at the time of the sentencing, a bill by Assemblymember Marc Levine would allow veterans to have their sentences reconsidered.

Insurance Journal: Wildfire Insurance Bill Signed by California Governor

Insurance Journal

California Gov. Jerry Brown on Monday signed into law a bill that is intended to combat what are believed underinsurance issues revealed by 2017 wildfires.

AB 1797 by Assemblyman Marc Levine, D-Marin County, is expected to create a requirement for insurers writing residential property insurance to conduct a replacement cost estimate on an every other year basis.


“We heard from wildfire survivors about the devastating realization of being underinsured due to inaccurate or outdated replacement cost models used by insurers,” Levine said in a statement. “After facing the most destructive wildfires in state history, Californians should not have to begin the recovery process underinsured. California has prioritized protecting consumers and helping prevent underinsurance.”