Assemblymember Levine Aims to Roll Back “Prohibition” for California Distilleries

Wednesday, March 4, 2015

(Sacramento) – Many people enjoy going to California’s wineries to taste and buy wine.  However, people cannot purchase distilled spirits from distilleries in the Golden State.  Currently, only California and nine other states still carry this prohibition against distilled spirits.  California State Assemblymember Marc Levine (D-San Rafael) wants to change that outdated law with Assembly Bill 1233.  If passed and signed into law, AB 1233 would allow California distilleries to sell up to three bottles of their products to qualified customers.  At a recent press conference, alongside fellow legislators and California distillery owners, Assemblymember Levine made the case for his progressive legislation. 

“AB 1233 will help these products compete against large out of state distilleries, promote local job development, further the growth of California’s small businesses and increase local and state tax revenue,” said Assemblymember Levine.

Watch this Assembly Access Video to hear more of Assemblymember Levine’s comments from the press conference.