“Claudia’s Story” Supports Levine Measure to Help Immigrant Children

Tuesday, May 1, 2018

(Sacramento) - Assemblymember Marc Levine’s (D-Marin) bill, Assembly Bill 2642, passed the Assembly Judiciary Committee following the compelling testimony of Cecilia Candia, a staff attorney from Legal Services for Children. Ms. Candy related a story about a young woman she called “Claudia.” “Claudia is a 16 year old girl whose father abandoned her family…Claudia, the oldest child left for work to provide for her family. She found work as domestic help in the capital city of her country. When not working she was continually propositioned by men, to the point of being stalked. One day, she was threatened with rape. She was so afraid she came to the United States. Even though, she is living with a wonderful foster family, she, through no fault of her own, is unable to pursue unaccompanied juvenile status, just because of where she was placed,” said Ms. Candy. To learn more about this effort to increase help for unaccompanied immigrant children, watch this Assembly Access video.