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Nguyen’s Bill to Provide Critical OB-GYN Training Advances to Governor Newsom for Final Approval

For immediate release:

SACRAMENTO, CA – Today, Assembly Bill 1646, authored by Assemblymember Stephanie Nguyen (D-Elk Grove) was approved today by the California State Assembly on a 50 - 13 vote.

AB 1646 seeks to provide out-of-state medical residents invaluable training in comprehensive reproductive and pregnancy care, including abortion. Currently, medical residents in states that have enacted abortion bans, such as Texas, are now unable to be fully trained because Texas banned abortions in 2022. According to the Bixby Center for Global Reproductive Health, almost half of OB-GYN residency programs are in states with, or likely to enact,abortion bans affecting about 2,600 of the country’s 6,000 OB-GYN residents.

“AB 1646 will make certain that OB-GYN medical students from across the country are properly trained on abortions to ensure we have qualified medical professionals to perform these procedures,” said Assemblymember Stephanie Nguyen. “I am hopeful Governor Newsom will sign this crucial legislation."

In June 2022, the U.S. Supreme Court overturned Roe v. Wade leaving the right to abortion up to individual states. As of today, eighteen states have enacted total bans or severe restrictions on abortion, and it is anticipated more states will follow. Abortion bans are not only impacting patient access to care but also the availability for medical professionals to be properly trained in the specific medical fields such as obstetrics and gynecology.

“Planned Parenthood is pleased that AB 1646 is now headed to the Governor’s desk after receiving strong support in the legislature. This important bill to support training for physicians comes at a critical time as attacks on health care training in other states continue,” said Molly Robson, VP of Government Affairs at Planned Parenthood Affiliates of California. “By improving California’s ability and capacity to create partnerships and host medical residents from abortion-banned states, we can ensure doctors who care for pregnant people continue to be trained fully in their licensure, despite hostile laws that would otherwise prohibit them from being trained in life-saving, essential health care.”

AB 1646 heads to the Governor’s desk for final approval.

Assemblymember Stephanie Nguyen represents the Cities of Sacramento and Elk Grove