Assemblymember Marc Levine Issues Statement on Passage of 2022-23 State Budget

For immediate release:

(SACRAMENTO, CA) – Following the California State Assembly’s approval of the 2022-23 Budget Act, Assemblymember Marc Levine (D - Marin County) released the following statement:


“During my decade of public service in the State Assembly, I have voted on state budgets that required difficult cuts to balance our budget and I have voted on budgets that made transformational investments in the future of California. I am proud that my final budget vote as an Assemblymember includes the largest investment in public education in California’s history, the largest rainy day reserves in state history and includes essential investments to take on the biggest threat to California’s future: the climate crisis.”


“Working together, California has been able to accomplish what many said was impossible. We have shown other states and the nation that you can balance your budget, protect the environment, invest in human potential and grow our economy when you make the kind of generational investments that we have. California has shown incredible resilience over the past decade. This year’s Budget Act is proof that our thoughtful, targeted investments will pay dividends to the people of California for generations to come.”


A summary of the 2022-23 Budget Act (SB 154), can be found here: