Assemblymember Levine to Chair Informational Hearing on Impacts of Inflation on Food Systems

For immediate release:

With consumers across California struggling to navigate the increased costs of food, fuel and consumer goods, Assemblymember Marc Levine (D - Marin County), Chair of the Assembly Select Committee on Food Systems, will hold an informational hearing on, “The Impacts of Inflation on California Food Systems.”


This hearing will feature testimony from experts on the economic causes and impacts of inflation, food access organizations, business and agricultural organizations along with organizations representing food manufacturing and service workers. The hearing will discuss possible legislative solutions to address inflation and increase access to healthy, affordable food in California.



Select Committee on Food Systems, Informational Hearing, “The Impacts of Inflation on California Food Systems”



Assemblymember Marc Levine, Chair, Assembly Select Committee on Food Systems

Dr. Jerry Nicklesburg, UCLA Anderson School of Management

Dr. Daniel Sumner, UC Davis School of Agriculture

Becky Silva, California Association of Food Banks

Meg Davidson, San Francisco/Marin Food Bank

Benyamin Chao, California Immigrant Policy Center

Christopher Sanchez, Western Center on Law and Poverty

Kelly Ash, California Grocers Association

Jim Houston, California Farm Bureau

Nichole Trujillo Rice, United Food and Commercial Workers



Wednesday, May 18, 2022, 1:00 PM



State Capitol, Room 127, Sacramento, CA 95814


This hearing will be live streamed at: