Levine Legislation Will Offer All Californians High Quality Homeowners’ Insurance and Fund Home Hardening

For immediate release:

(SACRAMENTO, CA) – As homeowners across California continue to find their property insurance policies cancelled or struggle to find affordable, comprehensive property insurance, Assemblymember Marc Levine (D – Marin County) today announced legislation that will require mandatory issuance of homeowners’ insurance and establish a grant program to harden residential properties in areas prone to wildfires.


Specifically, AB 1755 (Levine) will require an insurance provider licensed in the state to issue an insurance policy to a homeowner that has taken science-based actions to harden their property from wildfire risk beginning in 2025. Levine’s legislation would also create the Wildfire Protection Grant Program under the Department of Insurance that would administer grants to residential property owners of up to $10,000 to help pay for costs associated with home hardening and wildfire mitigation improvements.


California’s wildfire disasters have resulted in historic loss of life, structures and natural habitat.  The damage to communities and the environment is catastrophic.  As Californians try to rebuild and protect themselves from future loss, they are facing another disaster: insurance companies are cancelling policies or are increasing deductibles and premiums to the point where the policy is unaffordable or insufficient.


Levine’s legislation takes direct aim at resolving the often-arbitrary practice of insurance policy cancellation of a homeowner who may live in an area considered at risk to wildfire. Continued drought conditions, rising global temperatures and other impacts of the climate crisis are quickly turning more of the state into a high-risk wildfire zone. Without the relief offered in Levine’s bill, millions of Californians could find their homes uninsurable.


“It is time to stand up for California homeowners and tell insurance companies to stop exploiting the climate crisis for profit,” said Assemblymember Levine. “We have seen an unprecedented number of families across California lose their homeowners’ insurance at a time they need this protection the most. For families that do the right thing and take action to reduce their home’s risk to wildfire loss, there is no reason to deny them insurance coverage. AB 1755 will provide families in high wildfire risk areas with up to $10,000 to help harden their home and reduce wildfire risk in communities across the state. The climate crisis is forcing us to rethink how and where we live and grow. Meeting this crisis will require insurance companies to do their part to protect homeowners and ensure that every California family has access to affordable, comprehensive insurance.”


AB 1755 will be considered by the State Assembly this Spring.


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