Assemblymember Levine Statement on Passage of 2021-22 State Budget

For immediate release:

(SACRAMENTO, CA) – Assemblymember Marc Levine (D – Marin County) today released the following statement after the California State Legislature approved the 2021-22 Budget Act. The $264 billion budget was passed on time, balanced and made generational investments in education, invests billions in drought and wildfire prevention, supports local government initiatives to address homelessness and continues our best in the nation work to fight the COVID-19 pandemic.


“California has shown incredible resilience throughout the COVID-19 pandemic. Because of leadership that believes in science and values the lives of every Californian, we were able to make difficult decisions that kept millions of Californians safe during the most challenging period of our lifetime. As a result, California is rebounding faster and stronger than any other state in the country.”


“Today’s balanced, on-time budget could be the most consequential of my legislative service. This year’s budget invests more money in education than any budget in state history. We also took important actions to pay off debt, contribute billions in long term pension and healthcare obligations and saves over $25 billion into the state’s reserves to help us through any future economic downturn. We also make critical investments to address the climate crisis including billions of dollars to address the drought and potentially devastating wildfire season.”


“Today’s state budget action is the first of many the Legislature will take in the coming weeks to further implement the state budget and make necessary investments to meet the needs of residents in Sonoma and Marin counties. Working together, this on-time, balanced budget gives all Californians a lot to be optimistic about.”


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