Assemblymember Levine Applauds Newsom Action to Fight Climate Crisis, Require Zero-Emission Vehicles by 2035

For immediate release:

(SACRAMENTO, CA) – Assemblymember Marc Levine (D – Marin County) today praised action by Governor Gavin Newsom to fight the ongoing climate crisis by reducing California’s dependency on fossil fuels, including requiring all new passenger vehicles sold in California be zero-emission by 2035.

“The climate crisis challenges all Californians to make bold changes in our daily lives that will protect our planet for generations to come. In 2013, as a first term Assemblymember, I authored my first anti-fracking bill to stop this dangerous and environmentally harmful method of oil extraction in California. Since then, I am proud of my work to take on big oil and end our dependency on fossil fuels.”

“California’s transition away from combustion engines cannot come soon enough. I look forward to working with Governor Newsom and my colleagues to refine the governor’s Executive Order in the coming legislative session and to have California lead the world once again in the fight to address our climate crisis.”

Governor Newsom’s Executive Order will require that, by 2035, all new cars and passenger trucks sold in California be zero-emission vehicles; directs large fleets to buy zero emission vehicles; directs the California Geologic and Energy Management Division of the Department of Conservation to further examine in-state oil production and work to end fracking by to-be-determined date and streamlines permitting for renewable fuels production facilities to eliminate unnecessary steps in the process.

More information on Governor Newsom’s Executive Order can be found here: