Assemblymember Marc Levine Statement on Passage of 2020-21 Budget Act

For immediate release:

(SACRAMENTO) – Assemblymember Marc Levine (D – Marin County) today released the following statement after the California State Assembly approved the 2020-21 Budget Act.


“No one could have anticipated the pandemic caused recession and the devastating impact it has had on families, small businesses and state revenues. This budget takes a sober view of our current economic reality and makes a number of difficult decisions. Many of the worst cuts have been spared thanks in large part to our creation and investment in California’s rainy day fund. By prioritizing responsible savings over the past several years of economic growth, we will be able to prevent devastating cuts to programs our constituents rely upon.”


“Unfortunately, California’s rainy day fund will likely not be enough to prevent cuts to every state funded program. We need leadership and the financial support of the federal government to help prevent cuts to programs that expand opportunities and protect California’s most vulnerable. This is not a time for politics – it is time for us to work together for the greater good.”


Assemblymember Levine’s floor speech in support of the 2020-21 Budget Act can be found on his Facebook page,


A summary of the 2020-21 Budget Act (SB 74) can be found here:


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