Governor Signs Marc Levine Bill Giving Wildfire Victims Options for Rebuilding

Friday, September 21, 2018

(Sacramento, CA) – Homeowners who lose their houses to wildfire will be able to use their insurance to rebuild somewhere else under an urgency bill by Assemblymember Marc Levine that took effect the moment the governor signed it Friday.

New laws typically take effect on January 1 of the year after they are passed, but special urgency bills, which require supermajority support, are enforceable as soon as they are signed by the governor.

“The ongoing risk of wildfire is too great to wait until January,” said Assemblymember Levine, D-Marin. “These protections have the full force of law starting right now.”

AB 1800 makes clear that homeowners can use Extended Replacement Cost and Building Code Upgrade coverage to rebuild on a different lot or buy a home at a different location after a total loss. This measure gives wildfire victims flexibility when working with insurance companies during the recovery process.

Assemblymember Levine is co-chair of the Assembly Committee on Natural Disaster Recovery, Response and Rebuilding.


Assemblymember Marc Levine represents the 10th Assembly District which includes Marin and Sonoma Counties.