Wednesday, March 13, 2013

MARIN-SONOMA Assemblyman Marc Levine made the national news. The San Rafael Democrat was a guest on Fox & Friends. He was interviewed by the conservative news channel's morning co-host Gretchen Carlson, who described California as "the so-called Nanny State." She quizzed Levine on his legislation to ban smoking in condominiums.

Being on GOP-oriented Fox scores Levine a point with Republicans who formed a key component of his electoral majority in last November's top-two Assembly run-off. Simultaneously he pleased liberals for proposing a law further restricting tobacco smoke. That's called a win-win.


STATE OFFICIALS should not be surprised that their rural fire fee continues to be a hot issue among those who have to pay $150 per year toward the state's fire prevention measures.

The Legislature and Gov. Jerry Brown in 2011 slapped the fee on owners of property in rural areas when the state was grappling with a deep budget crisis.

California's budget outlook is a lot brighter, thanks to an improved economy and voters' passage of a statewide sales tax increase.


Monday, March 11, 2013

Assemblymember Levine Presents Team with Resolution Memorializing the 2012 Season

With the Petaluma National Little League players, coaches, and families in the Chamber and gallery, Assemblymember Marc Levine (D-San Rafael) and the State Assembly today on the floor of the Assembly recognized the amazing success of the Petaluma team in 2012.

"We are all very proud of this team, and their accomplishments on and off the field," said Levine. "It was an honor to bring them to the State Capitol to commemorate the players, coaches, and families. Petaluma's strong sense of community, talent, and determination were on display today in the California State Assembly."


With the goal of better understanding what our local legislators are up to in Sacramento, we are tracking the bills they introduced this year.

On Monday, we summarized some of the bills introduced in the state Senate. Today we do the same with bills by Assembly members Wes Chesbro, D-Arcata; Mark Levine, D-San Rafael; and Mariko Yamada, D-Davis.


Thursday, March 7, 2013

(San Francisco) – Many apartment buildings and multi-family dwellings share walls and ventilation systems. When one person smokes a cigarette in their apartment, many times their neighbors are forced to smoke too. California State Assemblymember Marc Levine (D-San Rafael) has authored legislation that would protect children and adults from second-hand smoke when their neighbors light up. Assemblymember Levine was interviewed by Fox News about Assembly Bill 746, and his efforts to help people stay safe and healthy in their own homes. See the interview about AB 746 in this Assembly Assets Video.

Thursday, March 7, 2013

Assembly Bill 746 (Levine) Prohibits Smoking in Multi-Family Dwellings

Yesterday Assemblymember Marc Levine (D-San Rafael) appeared on Fox and Friends to discuss AB 746 which would ban smoking in condominiums and apartment buildings.

In condominiums and apartments, "If a neighbor lights up, we all smoke with them," said Levine on the program. "We are trying to be very focused in how this law applies and protect people where they should feel safest."

Sunday, March 3, 2013

Debi Austin spoke loudest after surgeons removed her cancerous vocal cords.

Austin was the woman with the hole in her throat who stars in perhaps the most compelling anti-tobacco ad ever made. You don't forget it once you've seen it. You probably forced your kids to watch it, though when it first aired in 1997, a squeamish television station manager placed a warning on the screen against allowing children to see it.


The Smoke-Free Marin Coalition applauds the progressive leadership of California Assemblyman Mark Levine in introducing Assembly Bill 746, which proposes to prohibit smoking in all multi-unit housing for any two units sharing walls — throughout the state.

Assemblyman Levine was one of the coalition's advocates on the San Rafael City Council when it unanimously adopted one of the strongest public health protection ordinances in the country.


Friday, March 1, 2013

In the mid-1990s, California became the first state to ban smoking tobacco in bars, clubs and restaurants. Now, if a bill introduced last month by one Golden State Democrat becomes law, California would likely become the first state to prohibit millions of its citizens from smoking in their own homes.

The bill, authored by Assemblyman Marc Levine (D-San Rafael), would prohibit smoking inside all multiunit residences, such as condos or apartments, where housing units share walls, floor, ceilings or ventilation systems.

Thursday, February 28, 2013

Millions of Californians would not be able to smoke tobacco inside their own homes under new legislation that would raise the bar nationwide for fighting secondhand smoke.

No state ever has ventured into personal bedrooms and living rooms with its smoking restrictions, but California is going even further than that by targeting owner-occupied residences as well as rental units.