Take Action Now to Save Your Healthcare!

Even if you don't obtain coverage through Covered California, you may be affected by the planned repeal of the Affordable Care Act (ACA), also known as Obamacare. Protecting those with pre-existing conditions, allowing young people to remain on their parents' health plan until the age of 26, and subsidies to ensure that millions more in California can afford coverage—all goes away if the ACA is repealed.

Make no mistake; your healthcare is under attack from a Congress poised to repeal the ACA.

Will you join the fight to save it?

Use the following phone script to contact Members of Congress (numbers listed below) to tell them to keep their hands off our healthcare—or if you are represented by a Democratic Member supportive of the ACA—tell them to keep fighting for us.

Phone Script

Find a list of California's Congressional representatives here:

Good morning/afternoon.

My name is (INSERT NAME) and I'm a constituent/fellow Californian who does not want to see the Affordable Care Act repealed. Will you please let Congressman/Congresswoman (INSERT NAME) know?

Thank you.

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