KXTV ABC 10: California lawmakers exploring what's next after Verizon slowed firefighter data

ABC 10

By Giacomo Luca

On Friday, a California general assembly committee questioned firefighters and date providers about what happened. The Santa Clara County Fire Department says in a lawsuit that Verizon slowed its internet communications at a Northern California wildfire command center three weeks ago.

Verizon Senior Vice President Mike Maiorana says the service restrictions were removed as of Thursday and include Hawaii, where emergency crews are rescuing people Friday from areas flooded by Hurricane Lane.

Verizon representatives explained during the hearing that the policy will also be rolled out in the near future and apply to first responders during emergency situations nationwide.

Internet data is important to firefighters during emergency situations for a number of reasons, said Santa Clara County Fire Chief Tony Bowden, including issuing evacuation notices to the public.