The 2nd Amendment v. gun control reform: the battle continues

One of the biggest issues facing the 2016 election, aside from immigration reform, fixing the economy, and bringing jobs back to hard-working Americans, is gun control. It's quite the polarizing topic no matter which way you slice it. Do guns fall into the wrongs hands? Yes, and it's a part of life. Do we wish only the right kinds of people had possession of firearms? Absolutely. Nothing would please those in a democratic republic more than those responsibly carrying a weapon and using it when necessary. So, why does it seem that gun control reform is such a hot debate? Leave it to the state of California to show other states, in a sense, how to be a trailblazer.

Governor Jerry Brown took to his desk on Friday, July 1, and signed six new gun-control bills into law, while also vetoing five other bills that were passed by the State Legislature.

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