2021 - 2022 Legislation

AB 6 "Health facilities: pandemics and emergencies: best practices."

AB 318 "Hazardous waste: classification: exclusions: green waste."

AB 814 "Personal information: contact tracing."

AB 819 "California Environmental Quality Act: notices and documents: electronic filing and posting."

AB 825 "Personal information: data breaches: genetic information."

AB 829 "Foster children: immigration counsel."

AB 887 "Domestic violence: restraining orders."

AB 888 "Mobile slaughter operations: sheep and goats."

AB 929 "Alcoholic beverages: licensed premises: extensions."

AB 930 "Subsurface installations: attorney’s fees and costs."

AB-932 "Cradle-to-Career Grant Program."

AB 965 "Building standards: electric vehicle charging infrastructure."

AB 1213 "California Violence Intervention and Prevention Grant Program."

AB 1223 "Firearms and ammunition: excise tax."

AB 1224 "Sentencing: special circumstances."

AB 1227 "Worker classification: employees and independent contractors: workers in seasonal live theatre."

AB 1231 "Health information exchange: demonstration projects."

AB 1355 "Medi-Cal: Independent Medical Review System."

AB 1359 "Adoption: stepparent adoption."

AB 1392 "Proposed banks and trust companies: application."

AB 1396 "Skilled and trained workforce requirements."

AB 1402 "Marketplace facilitator: fee collection."

AB 1403 "Emergency services."

AB 1409 "Planning and zoning: general plan: safety element."

AB 1439 "Residential property insurance discounts."

AB 1445 "Planning and zoning: regional housing need allocation: climate change impacts."

AB 1520 "Health care coverage: prostate cancer: screening."

AB 1522 "Property insurance."

AB 1539 "Transportation electrification: Electric Vehicle Infrastructure Training Program."

ACA 2 "Death penalty."

HR 18