2019 - 2020 Legislation

AB 18 Firearms and ammunition: excise tax.

AB 581 Sentencing: members of military: trauma.

AB 597 Probation and mandatory supervision: flash incarceration. Chaptered  

AB 609 California Environmental Quality Act: notices and documents: electronic filing and posting.

AB 660 Personal information: contact tracing.

AB 684 Building standards: electric vehicle charging infrastructure.

AB 747 Planning and zoning: general plan: safety element.

AB 790 Eligible employers: personal services contracts.

AB 801 Photovoltaic requirements: tariffs and programs: study.

AB 858 Cannabis: cultivation.

AB 902 Political Reform Act of 1974: Fair Political Practices Commission: regulations.

AB 903 Political Reform Act of 1974.

AB 950 Consumer privacy protection.

AB 1055 Publicly funded technology projects.

AB 1130 Personal information: data breaches.

AB 1166 Public works: protection of underground infrastructure: regional notification center system: electronic positive response.

AB 1212 Public employees’ retirement: pension fund management: in-state infrastructure.

AB 1293 Public Utilities Commission: reports.

AB 1324 Health facilities: pandemics and emergencies: best practices.

AB 1440 Oil and gas: development.

AB 1441 Unemployment compensation: employers: contribution rates.

AB 1580 Major infrastructure construction projects: oversight committees.

AB 1644 Coastal resources: California Coastal Commission: scientific advice and recommendations: agriculture.

AB 1648 Housing: school employees: affordable rental housing.

AB 1699 Telecommunications: mobile internet service providers: first response agencies: emergencies.

AB 1718 State parks: state beaches: smoking ban.

AB 1776 Sales and use taxes: exemptions: newspapers.

AB 1777 Residential care facilities for the elderly.

AB 1796 Domestic violence: restraining orders.

AB 1798 California Racial Justice Act: death penalty.

AB 1847 Electrical corporations: public administrator.

AB 2005 Non-minor dependents: transitional independent living case plans.

AB 2039 Mobile slaughter operations: sheep and goats.

AB 2070 Elections: compulsory voting.

AB 2116 Pupil health: seizure disorders.

AB 2161 Insurance.

AB 2178 Emergency services.

AB 2179 Electrical corporations: wildfire mitigation plans.

AB 2180 Electrical corporations: wildfire mitigation plans.

AB 2242 Mental health services.

AB 2301 Personal information: data breaches: genetic information.

AB 2334 Subsurface installations: attorney’s fees and costs.

AB 2467 Political Reform Act of 1974: misuse of funds.

AB 2646 Education finance: supplemental education funding.

AB 2755 Housing: teachers and local agency employees.

AB 2993 Hazardous waste: classification: exclusions: green waste.

AB 3049 Economic development: climate change impact.

AB 3175 Entertainment industry: age-eligible minors: training.

AB 3258 Residential property insurance.

ACA 12 Death penalty.

ACR 51 Sesquicentennial Celebration of the First Transcontinental Railroad.

ACR 80 Infrastructure Week.